Sventelius, Emma - Mezzo Soprano

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Prinz Orlofsky, Die Fledermaus, Gärtnerplatztheater, 2022
Emma Sventelius, who recently sang a convincing Octavian, as well as a great Niclausse here at Gärtnerplatz, portrays an Orlofsky in chalk white, and seems less bored than what one usually sees this role. This optical impression fits perfectly in its context and her couplet is rightfully awarded with great ovations.
- Online Merker
The fascinating Swedish mezzo Emma Sventelius portrays Orlofsky ... The burning warmth in the colours of her voice, the modulations of a very convincing emotional expression, the nuanced and precise variations; everything about this singer seduces and shows superb technique. This in addition to her recent success in Vienna as Octavian (Volksoper), make her one of the revelations of the night; She undoubtedly has the makings of a great artist.
Emma Sventelius perfectly fills the shoes of this trouser role with her cutting edge Mezzo.
- Süddeutsche Zeitung
This mezzo soprano-prince by Emma Sventelius, possessed the sharpness of a Soprano, but with her slender and tall stage presence, in white designer tails and with a Russian Roulette pistol at her temple, she portrayed a convincing "Wien-Babylon" orchid. 
- Neue Musikzeitung
Niklas, Hoffmanns Erzählungen, Gärtnerplatztheater, 2022
Equally excellent is Emma Sventelius as Niklas. She captures the audience with a multifaceted mezzo and embodies one of the strongest portrayals of the evening.
- Münchener Merkur
Octavian, Der Rosenkavalier, Volksoper Wien, 2021
The main event for me, was ... Emma Sventelius as Octavian. An androgynous, willowy Mezzo-soprano, equally convincing as lover and "Mariandl". And recurringly showing off a real "pipe".
- Online Merker
A homogenous singer ensemble is granting the success: first and foremost the gorgeous Octavian, the Swedish Emma Sventelius, with a smooth, glowing, high mezzo. She could, at any point, be mistaken for a boy.
- Kronen Zeitung
The Swede Emma Sventelius (who also sang the role in Bonn), offers a truly excellent portrayal, thought through down to the last detail. Rather shy, never exaggerated, but always convincing.
- Online Merker
Emma Sventelius as Octavian reminds me, with her penetrating voice, of Gwyneth Jones. That, in combination with her boyish acting, makes a convincing title role.
- Radio Klassik
Octavian, Der Rosenkavalier, Theater Bonn, 2019
As Octavian, we hear the young Swedish mezzo-soprano Emma Sventelius, and what we hear is really sensational. Sventelius is convincing in her acting and might be the most believable character of the evening. Her demeanour is tomboyish with an air of macho and offers a big emotional expression. Her voice provides the flaming colours of a mezzo-soprano as well as tender lyrical singing, every nuance in absolute perfection - what a singer!
– Der Opernfreund
The clear-cut winner and heartbreaker of all generations is Octavian, vocally brilliant and dramatically powerful, when dressed up in maid's clothes as well as a dashing Count.
– General-Anzeiger
The young Swedish mezzo-soprano Emma Sventelius, with her blond short hair and her androgynous appearance, is in every way an ideal casting for Octavian ... It's magical how she superiorly masters to sing this role, in which she's almost continuously on stage the entire piece, not only in a foreign language, but in a foreign dialect. Her body language is absolutely convincing as a woman, who plays a man, who plays a woman, and she harmonizes eminently with her partners in the ensembles.
– Das Opernmagazin
Orlando, Orlando, Royal Swedish Opera, 2019
Emma Sventelius shines in reinterpreted "Orlando". ...As Orlando at Confidencen, she shows a strong stage personality, her voice is soft and pliable, and she masters the brilliant virtuosic as well as the longer lines.
– Capriccio
Carmen, Malmö Opera, 2018
Of the soloists, Emma Sventelius is in a league of her own. A young, strong, sonorous mezzo which most likely is going to evolve into something truly great, a strong scenic presence and well-poised, believable acting. It's going to be genuinely interesting to follow her career. Maybe a Brünhilde in the making?
– Norra Skåne
But it's the two main characters that give the piece its gut-wrenching devastating gravity, both Emma Sventelius as Carmen and Alexander Grove as Don José convinces. They embody their characters with extraordinary acting skills and voice qualities. Standing ovations!
– Kristianstadbladet
Suzuki, Madama Butterfly, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, 2017
The friend Suzuki, embodied by Emma Sventelius, with her wonderful mezzo-soprano voice, is the only one who has remained true to Butterfly.
– Der Kultur Blog
The Swedish mezzo-soprano Emma Sventelius is singing and acting the role of Butterfly's servant absolutely captivating.
– Westdeutsche Zeitung
Emma Sventelius as Suzuki, is enchanting in the Flower duet with Cio-cio-San.
– Opernscouts Oper am Rhein
Emma Sventelius was Suzuki, Cio-Cio-San's confidante. The young Swedish mezzo-soprano, who is yet to finish her Master's Degree, has an expansive, bronze coloured lower- and middle register...
– RP Online