Pellegrini, Andrea - Mezzo Soprano

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Singing the roll of Carmen, mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini couldn’t be more at home. Her voice has all the dramatic qualities needed for this part, and Pellegrini herself is absolutely the right person to play this fiery, charming and seductive role. She doesn't overdo it, because there is no need. Her performance is much more convincing than many others, who when performing as Carmen have deemed it necessary to over dramatize and contort in an effort to appear irresistible. It is a pity that the amplification system prevents us from hearing the true quality of her voice, but despite this, she is a totally convincing Spanish Carmen, doing great justice to the opera.
Tomas Michelsen, Politiken
The main role 'Carmen' is an independent woman who fears nothing; not the devil, or the men who prioritize her freedom. Andrea Pellegrini sings her role with such artistic strength, such an intense portrayal of the role that it is painfully beautiful.
Skånska Dagbladet
Much as I love sopranos, a woman like Carmen must be represented by a mezzo-soprano, with the darker nuances in her voice and the extra smoldering desire in her eyes. Who better to do the job, than the stunning Andrea Pellegrini, who sings the role of Carmen in Runar Hodne's rustic version at Opera Hedeland? She has men wrapped around her little finger (and the audience, for that matter): undoubtably the star of the show!
Runar Hodne's Carmen is full of fiery passion, experienced under the stars at the open-air theatre. Mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini is simply Carmen reincarnated, with her all-consuming love.
Operamagasinet Ascolta's reviewers have, without any hesitation, awarded five stars to Opera Hedeland's well know classic: Bizet’s Carmen. 'Mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini is so well casted to sing the role of Carmen, it could have been made for her. Throughout all four acts she is completely convincing, whether she sings gently or coarsely, whether she's playing the temptress with Don José or growing tired of him, taunting him or trying to escape from the tatters of their relationship. No matter where she stands on the stage, what she does or says, one finds oneself completely drawn to her. We are attracted to her throughout, even when she's singing a down-to-earth and matter-of-fact narrative about their heartbreak.
Operamagasinet Ascolta 
The highlight of the evening was the mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini, singing the role of the seductive Carmen. She is simply mesmerizing! To say that she merely resembles Carmen, bringing the role to life with her rich mezzo sound, doesn't do her justice: Andrea Pellegrini IS Carmen, and one can't help but fall in love with her.
– Ungt teaterblod