De Blasis, Giulia - Soprano

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Her presentation of the three-part aria “Dolci alberghi di pace” was delivered with real skill and feeling, and proved to be one of the evening’s highlights. Her phrasing was subtle and delicate, caressing the words with real feeling, as she sang about the Scottish idyll to which she had escaped, which changed noticeably as her fears returned, her voice deliberately hardening to characterize her increasing anxiety. The aria is notable as it could equally be classed as a duet with a solo violin; de Blasis and the violinist complemented each other delightfully, producing a wonderfully pleasing sound as the two voices blended and intertwined on the evening breeze. Nor was de Blasis overpowered in the ensemble scenes, as her voice soared beautifully above the chorus and orchestra.
Alan Neilson, OPERAWIRE
Italian Giulia de Blasis has depicted the Queen with elegance in acting and singing. Her soprano is basically lyric and fluid. Margherita is a part that asks for a strong-held agility more than extraordinary coloratura, and De Blasis ensures it with a fluid musical line starting from her long and composite entrance scene beginning with cavatina Miei fedeli queste prove. The most enchanting moment is the great aria with obligato violin that opens act 2 Dolci alberghi di pace taken with a delicate concerned phrasing.
Giulia De Blasis laced her silvery tones with coy awareness as Maturina.
Giulia De Blasis as Margherita gives us fluid passaggi and precise coloratura, with sumptuous resonance in the top notes. Her performance shows us the two aspects of the queen: outwardly, the “icon”; inwardly, the beleaguered, insecure, and isolated individual.
Soprano Giulia De Blasis was a compelling Margherita.
Silvia Luraghi, OPERACRITIC
Giulia De Blasis, flexibler Sopran war ideal für die Rolle der Margherita.
Elisabeth Richter, DEUTSCHLANDFUNK
Soprano Giulia De Blasis as Margherita d’Anjou, the widow of Henry VI of England, had a strong bright sound. In the ensembles her soprano soared effortlessly out over the rest, shimmering with hope and despair. A commanding confident presence, she was an exciting singer to watch.