Eliasson, Ola - Baritone

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Don Giovanni (The Royal Opera, Stockholm), March, 2014 

Did I forget someone? Yes, of course: Ola Eliasson in the title role. A ravishing Silvio, a splendid Almaviva, an intriguing Malatesta and last August a slimy Alberich at Dalhalla are some really high-level role-assumption during the last 7-8 years but this Don Giovanni surpasses them all, if only with a small margin. Every gesture, every little facial expression was spot on and his singing encompassed all the various feelings and moods in the complicated character. Arguably the high-spot of the evening was his serenade, sitting with crossed legs and playing the mandolin, singing with the utmost simplicity, more to himself than to Donna Elvira’s maid. This was one of those magic moments when time literally stood still. A ray of light and calm and harmony suddenly condensed all the contradictory feelings of the drama. Go and see it!
Göran Forsling, Seen and Heard International