Møller, Lars - Baritone

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Enrico – Lucia di Lammermoor, 2014

As Lucia's brother Enrico it was interesting to hear the Danish baritone Lars Møller, who after seven years with the opera in Mannhaim apparantly is on his way back to Denmark. His big voice and stage presence actually reminds of his world famous colleague Thomas Hampson.
– Thomas Michelsen, Politiken
Lars Møller, in the role as Lucia's mean brother unleashes his poisonous remarks with great conviction.
– Jens Povlsen, Jyllandsposten
Lars Møller was a really impressive and characterful brother Enrico, proving that he is facing a great future. He was a strong card on stage.
– John Christiansen,
Lebedjew – Der Idiot, 2013
The Danish baritone Lars Møller made a particular impression in the role as the scheming Lebedjew, who with his dancing steps to the waltzing music in the score. He was very convincing on stage.
– Der Neue Merker
In one of the smaller roles Lars Møller was formidable in portraying the character of the scheming Lebedjew, who holds all the threads.
– Opern Welt
The role of the scheming threadpulling Lebedjew is brilliantly cast with Lars Møller - with his saucy, jazzy and prickling Loge-like Baritone.
– Frankfurter allgemeine
Papageno – Die Zauberflöte,2010
The best card in the production is Lars Møllers finely sung Papageno, who had the completely right charisma of adventure and innocence.
– Berlingske
Ford – Falstaff, 2013
Lars Møller as the jealous Ford develops in his rage unknown greatness and core.
– Mannheimer Morgen
Lars Møller was a Ford with a nice sounding baritone with as much Powerfull Pomp as Lyric mobility.
– Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung