Who We Are


Jonas Fosdal - Founder and Director of Ascolta Artists

Jonas Fosdal was born in Copenhagen in 1974 from a family of musicians. As a child he studied the violin for 16 years, was active in many choirs and a passionate chess player.
His big passion for classical music and especially singing made him take a master’s degree in pedagogics and singing from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in 2003. He then continued a freelance career as a tenor in oratorio and opera and in the professional choirs of the Danish Radio, the Royal Opera Choir in Copenhagen and Mogens Dals Chamber Choir.
In 2008 he co-founded Crescendi Artists and the year after bought Tivoli Artists, thus establishing the biggest artist agency in the Nordic Countries, Tivoli and Crescendi Artists running the agency as Managing Director. During this period, he was involved in promoting conductors, singers, stage directors, instrumentalists, ensembles and orchestra tours. He also acted as Chief Consultant for the newly build concert hall in Stavanger from 2010-11.
In 2013 he sold his shares in T&C and founded Ascolta Artists focusing only on singers where he is also the director today. Alongside this he has also been Chief Consultant for Network Service for Truelinked in 2016.
He is married to the soprano Yana Kleyn and is the father of three sons.



Rubén Martínez - Director of Ascolta Artists

Rubén Martínez studied Business Administration and held several positions in the private sector as financial manager, CFO, administration chief and credit analyst in SMEs as well as multinational corporations. The valuable experience gathered in these sectors during more than 15 years allowed him to approach the artistic management and cultural administration business with a different and wider view.
His passion for classical music and specifically for opera and lyric voices started quite early in his life, quickly becoming a real devotion to deepen into the study of the human voice, the history of opera and travelling around the world to attend opera performances and discovering new talents.

He also collaborated as an international reviewer for some specialized publications. Previous background in the artist management industry includes both membership and collaboration with other relevant international agencies.
Stefano Scardovi - Director of Ascolta Artists

Stefano Scardovi was born in Bologna, Italy.

He graduated with honors in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Florence with a thesis on History of Music about the Italian Melodrama.
For the "Libreria Musicale" of Lucca, he has published the volume "L'Opera dei bassifondi" about the Italian opera of the so-called “verismo”. Moreover, he has also produced a CD series of vocal chamber music for the "Vocalia" label
Stefano Scardovi has been working in Artist Managements for more than 10 years with several international agencies as well as freelancer before he joined Ascolta Artists in 2019.


Rita Brazaitienė - Secretary of Ascolta Artists

Rita Brazaitienė graduated from piano class at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy. After raising her four kids she took part in educational projects and was accompanist of an amateur vocal ensemble.

From 2007 till 2017 she worked at Lithuanian Opera and Ballet Theatre as coordinator simultaneously taking part in activities of “Friendly Projects” art creators’ platform.

From 2017 she leads musical projects at Vilnius Evangelical Church and teaches piano. She has been a secretary in Ascolta Artists from 2013.
Eglė Kirilauskaitė - Secretary of Ascolta Artists

Eglė Kirilauskaitė was educated as an English language specialist at Vilnius University, where she did her Bachelor’s in English Philology and Maser’s in English Studies. She has worked with the Romanian Embassy to the Republic of Lithuania, where she performed many diverse functions, including cultural ones.
Two collections of poetry have been published by Egle. She is willingly sharing her creative works during interactive poetry reading events.
After ten years of experience in translation, Eglė turned to the area of classical music, which she has always admired. Eglė is currently cooperating with Lithuanian pianist Darius Mažintas, with whom she is implementing various educational and interdisciplinary projects. She also works with Lithuanian tenor Kristian Benedikt on the local level.
Eglė has been functioning as a secretary at Ascolta Artists since 2019.

Fany Escotet - Manager of social media communication


Born in Oviedo (Spain), from a very young age she was encouraged by her family to start her musical training at the Conservatory of Music of her hometown while being part of several musical ensembles. Even to this day, she still combines her daily work as production scheduler with an inexhaustible passion for singing and acting in an opera choir, having participated in more than 100 different opera & zarzuelas.
Previous communication experiences include writing scripts for commercial spots for TV and radio as well as collaborations as content editor for online magazine “Clásica y Tuits” and as community manager of social networks for several Spanish theaters.


Arūnas Tamoševičius

Arūnas Tamoševičius is born in Lithuania and is a computer specialist with a computer-engineering background.

He has 20 years of experience in IT field. His career started as a computer technician and later proceeded to network administration and programming.

He is married and is the father of two daughters. His interests are people biographies and everything related to space, aviation and rockets.