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Hamlet in Absentia 2016/17

The pretty Danish soprano, Sibylle Glosted, carries a natural revolte in her impersonation of Ophelia while singing out the broken heart of a young girl without any filter – angrily and scuicidal…
–      ­Information, 26th of August 2016
The leading character in the opera by Jacob Weis and Hugo Gudmundsson is Ophelia.
Ophelia – Sibylle Glosted, the young soprano, who recently received the price as “The Talent of the Year” by Copenhagen Opera Festival.
Dressed like a Punk, fitting her as well as concert robes and high heels, she acts her “Ophelia” like a young, restless revolting girl with rage and confused presence…
Her singing is beautiful and clean – right out of the bag!
–      Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeldt, 26th of August, 2016
In the company of the new star, Sibylle Glosted as Ophelia, we are safe and comfortable.
During the weeks she has sung herself into the hearts of her Copenhagen audience. Firstly in the Opera “Don G”(iovanni) as Zerlina, secondly during concerts at Copenhagen Opera Festival and finally at Kronborg in the part of Ophelia
Her beautiful soprano and genuine dramatic talent stands solidly in these parts…
–      Culture Compartment, 17th of August, 2016
With equally shared desperation and reluctance, Ophelia – sung with intense passion and biting rage by the soprano Sibylle Glosted -  seeks a therapist to have a diagnose since the constantly absent Hamlet has accused her of being insane…
–      Fyns Stiftstidende, 18th of March, 2017
Sibylle Glosted acts with authenticity and carries much passion and desire in her soprano…
Skånska Dagbladet, 18th of August, 2016
We are spoiled by an absurd gallery of characters, but Ophelia is a true suffering centre. She is staged and sung absolutely brilliantly by the Award winning Sibylle Glosted, and it is merely due to her performance that “Hamlet in Absentia” avoids becoming too much of a comedy.
–      CPHCULTURE, August, 2016
Kronborg is a distant memory when Ophelia, as a confused girl punk, captures the stage in a very simple but effective set and imidiately  conqueres our attention impersonated by the soprano Sibylle Glosted, who possesses a stirring large voice and an intence and touching scenic emission.
–      Nordjyske Stiftstidende, 28th of March 2017
Sibylle Glosted, one of Denmark's most glowing talents at the moment, is a baried Ophelia with flawless singing and her acting is full of multiple expressions.
–      Kerteminde Avis, 22nd of March 2017                                                                                 
Reumert Talent Prize of the Year 2017
Sibylle Glosted graduated from the Opera School in Stockholm in 2016. She receives the Talent award on the basis of her performance in Hamlet in Absentia, NordicOpera.                                                                      The jury's motivation: Sibylle Glosted impresses as a frustrated teenager with holes in her pants as Ofelia in Hamlet in Absentia. Here she shows a big playful talent and a convincing lyrical soprano with effortlessly high-pitched intonation. She is already ready for the international opera houses.

Carmina Burana 2016
The soloists shine in their parts. Sibylle Glosted touches big but most in her highest parties.
–      Östersunds Posten, 25th of April 2016                                                                                                     
Sibylle Glosted was nothing less than wonderful in the high and neck breaking "Dulcissime".
–, 22nd of April 2016                                                                                                                 
Le Nozze di Figaro 2015
Johanna Rydström's Cherubino stays in mind as well as Sibylle Glosted's light-footed Barbarina.
–      Sydnärke Nytt, 10th of December 2015                                                                    

Silverskeppet 2014
It is a cast of young singers who are below education, but the voices are well developed and clean, the acting is lively and the play is most tangible, sometimes almost too tangible. You can only become impressed by the Baroque Soprano of Sibylle Glosted.
–      Skånska Dagbladet, 22nd of July