Sæmundsson, Hrólfur - Baritone

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In the title role Theater Aachen had cast the Icelandic baritone Hrólfur Saemundsson,a member of the Aachen ensemble. This characterizes the quality of this company, because he was fantastic. Saemundsson has a huge range, a beautiful timbre and an impressive stage presence.
Operamagazine (The Netherlands)
The acoustic brought out the best in baritone Hrolfur Saemundsson, already having performed an outstanding Pelleas is seen here at the top of his game. He immersed himself in the role body and soul, reflecting the contrasting facets of the character, and seems vocally completely at ease. It wasn't just his last aria that sounded superb.
Hrólfur Sæmundsson surpassed himself in the title role with singing of dramatic power and bel canto cultivation and acting worthy of a matter of life and death.
Opera Magazine
As Macbeth the artist surpassed himself entirely. Such dramatic, yet belcantoesque, and saturated eruptive tones I haven't heard from him before. Also in his acting, he plays the character as if life and death were at stake. I stand in awe and admiration. Great admiration.
Theater Pur
Sæmundsson brought gravitas and authoritative masculinity to the role of Germont which served to heighten the drama. Perfectly articulated, his powerful baritone voice sounded beautiful and effortless.
Derry journal
Icelander Hrolfur Saemundsson was spectacular in the title role, his superb voice given full effect by the highly dramatic acting demanded by this opera.
Irish examiner
From the moment he is first brought back to un-life Hrólfur Sæmundsson as Lord Ruthven was mesmerising. He may only be playing a vampire but you certainly fall under the spell of his performance. With flowing blond locks, a wonderfully powerful voice and a playful swagger he perfectly captured the essence of Byron whose exploits gave birth to the opera’s story.
Hrolfur Saemundsson, the Icelandic baritone was gloriously impressive as Der Vampyr, and he was passionate and manipulative in his blood lust, and yet managed a Romantic, tragic persona as well.
The Munster Express
Wolfram too was a powerful presence, and didn´t sound as if he was giving a Lieder Masterclass, which Walthers (sic) can do.
Opera Now
Minnesingers were truly splendid, well directed and in beautiful voice, with Hrólfur Saemundsson’s Wolfram von Eschenbach outstanding.
Arts Journal 
It was baritone Hrolfur Saemundsson as Giorgio Germont however who turned in the most complex performance, transitioning from a patronizing and even bullying Father figure into a guilt-ridden remorseful shell.
North West Telegraph
Icelander Hrólfur Sæmundsson’s Wolfram von Eschenbach (the Fischer-Dieskau role), desperate to divert the errant Tannhäuser from returning to his old ways and restore his Christian sense of duty, brought such passion and also elegance to his arias he proved one of the highlights of the entire evening.
Hrólfur Sæmundsson was an honourable and introspective Wolfram who is deeply in love with Elisabeth. His plaintive ‘O du, mein holder Abendstern’ lacked nothing in comparison with Christian Gerhaher who nearly stopped the show recently when singing it at Covent Garden.
Seen and heard international
The excellent Icelandic baritone Hrölfur Sæmundsson acted Wolfram fluently and sang with a range of colour, feeling and sensitivity that made the role seem much bigger than it is, and ensuring that his ‘O du mein holder Abendstern’ hung like a veil over the last Act.
Classical source
Very touching and intriguing rendition of the song to the Evenstar by baritone Hrolfur Saemundsson as Wolfram.
Rheinische Post
Hrolfur Saemundsson is fascinating as the increasingly depressed Ori.
Aachener Zeitung
Outstanding, Hrolfur Saemundsson as Figaro is bursting with comedic talent... Sæmundsson's baritone fits Figaro like a glove.
Aachener Zeitung
We want to especially mention Hrolfur Saemundsson as Ori, a smooth bass-baritone with a free flowing higher register.
Operagazet (Belgium)
Posa is wonderfully sung and acted by Hrolfur Saemundsson.  
Posa (wunderbar gesungen und gespielt von Hról-fur Saemundsson).
Hrolfur Saemundsson was a wonderful Figaro, and proves once again his class, also as an actor, as the slightly effeminate Barber.
A perfect Onegin with a beautifully sounding baritone timbre.
Das Opernglas
Der leidende und hasserfüllte Don Carlo, Leonoras Bruder, war in Hrólfur Saemundssons Kehle bestens aufgehoben.
Movie magazin
In der Titelpartie überzeugte Hrólfur Saemundsson schauspielerisch und sängerisch ungemein. Sein wunderbar geschmeidiger, dabei durchaus viriler Bassbariton wird nicht nur den dramatischen, sondern gerade auch den lyrischen Passagen der Partie voll Gerecht.

Publikumsliebling Hrólfur Saemundsson als Vater Germont steigerte sich nach eher verhaltenem Beginn zu gewohntem Bariton-Balsam und versetzte das Publikum bei seiner Auseinandersetzung mit Alfredo darüber hinaus mit einem veritablen Sturz auf den Rücken in Aufregung: da konnte man schon um die Bandscheiben des Isländers Angst haben!
In der Titelpartie gab der Hausbariton und erklärte Liebling des Aachener Opernpublikums, Hrólfur Saemundsson, ein musikalisch mehr als überzeugendes Debüt. Er bleibt der Partie an Stimmodulation, Attacke, balsamischer Klangschönheit etwa in seiner großen Romanze „Pietà, rispetto, amore“ oder aber in den großen Ausbrüchen während des Banketts im 2. Akt, die ihn verwirrt und voller Gewissensqualen zeigen, nichts schuldig. Das Publikum feierte ihn dafür zu Recht mit standing ovations".

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