Nylund, Johanna - Soprano

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W.A. Mozart: Crudele...Non mi dir (Donna Anna / Don Giovanni)
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What a voice! Johanna Nylund presented arias with a beautiful, mature and narrative expression. The tones flowed easily and completely naturally. Nylund’s voice capacity impressed and caused goosebumbs already from the beginning. The orchestra didn’t have to hold back.
- Bornholms tidende, 2019
Nylund shined with her composure and admirably pure singing. Kaija Saariaho’s composition Sua katselen revealed Nylund’s technical magic, which was particularly emphasized in the quieter tones. Long, static and very quietly sung lines carried over the piano in a controlled manner in the Kangasniemi Hall and captivated the audience.
- Keskisuomalainen, 2019
A special mention of the ease of singing goes to Nylund, who managed the demanding coloratura challenges of the aria ”Rejoice, daughter of Zion” in an unprecedently natural way.
- Keskisuomalainen, 2018